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Founded in 2011 by Marcello Pontalto’s entrepreneurial stimulus, NiceFall today is an organization that deals mainly with the design and supply of temporary and / or permanent multimedia systems.

A dynamic and efficient structure, which has evolved over time to follow a constantly evolving technology market.

The skills of Nicefall:

  • Design and calculation of multimedia systems costs
  • Rental of equipment both on European and international territory
  • Consultancy for selection and coordination of AV suppliers outside the continent
  • Sale of AV products
  • Certified permanent installation services
  • Provision of advanced remote assistance services according to industry standards 4.0
    • Teleservice
    • Real-time monitoring of equipment status
    • Emergency intervention 24/7

Founded as a company mainly dedicated to the supply of technical services specialized in the show business world, over the years it has moved to the supply of AV systems for corporate clients such as IMA and Sidel (Tetrapack group), as well as for museums such as the Teatro Olimpico di Vicenza, forming a very varied experience made up of ship and yatch installations, great theaters such as La Scala in Milan and the Tree of Life of EXPO 2015.

By contacting NiceFall you will find seriousness, competence and availability.

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