Jacopo De Crescenzo

Our first meeting was in 2017 in Milan during the DigitalDesignDays event, on the occasion of the workshop held by Marcello on the subject of projection mapping. In the following months and years, with our study Aelion Project, we began to collaborate on projects related to the production of 3D holograms, up to the video mapping show at the Vinitaly and the City 2019 events.
I sure have always seen the very human sid, of Marcello. but also the seriousness he put in doing his job: always ready and sure, ability and competence are surely his strong point, combined with skills in various fields and sectors that embrace both projection mapping and digital signage. I can say that I am learning a lot from Marcello every time I have the opportunity and the pleasure of working with him.
I think Marcello Pontalto is one of the most competent and valid professionals I have ever known. I believe that relying on Marcello for the design, implementation and execution of a project means going without fail and success is certainly guaranteed. I’m learning a lot from Marcello. I can certainly say that the fame that preceded him when I met him was more than motivated. I had the pleasure of meeting him and I certainly consider him a very important partner for my company.
Marcello, you’re the top!

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