Roberto Costantino

In my role as Visual Designer, I got to know Marcello in 2012, during a fashion event in Bologna.

It was a projection mapping show, at the Teatro Comunale of Lineapelle, accompanied by a fashion show by Ermanno Scervino.

On that occasion, Marcello “warped” the projection with the media server Pandoras-box, aligning it with the geometry of the Comunale boxes.

Not a simple job, given the proximity of the projectors and the wide-angle lenses that reported significant distortions and aberrations.

Marcello in that occasion turned out to be precise, scrupulous and capable, conquering me for professionalism and commitment.

In my work in computer graphics, 3D, dynamics, color rendering and creativity are important factors for delivering the event and being surrounded by professional people means that all the pre-produced work is virtually exploited on the computer, finalizing at best what has been prepared.

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