Sara Caliumi

Marcello and I met in 2012, working together on a Projection Mapping project for an Ermanno Scervino fashion show at the Teatro Comunale in Bologna.
Marcello seemed super helpful and professional; he has a careful look, is always listening, has a great technical preparation in all phases of the work, both in the field of lights and video. He can be in charge of organizing and managing the technical design part and taking care of the installation of video projectors, Mediaserver, Warp, programming and airing.
He is a very responsible, reliable figure who works well in a team.
For my part, I find it very important to be able to collaborate with professionals who have great technical preparation and keep themselves updated. It’s equally important to know how to work in a team! The dialogue between creativity and technique is the basis for achieving a good result! I find that every person can make a difference. Having Marcello as a team mate makes me more serene: I know that, no matter what happens, I have a serious, capable person I can trust by my side. The synergy of points of view pushes horizons forward. Unions, divergences, perspectives, luminous dimensions, immersive spatiality, darkness; they are all part of the same archive of intents and lived experiences. In my opinion, a good professional, in addition to professional knowledge, should also train his ability to think, feel and get excited. The sensitive and listening man knows how to adapt and calibrate himself even in very dynamic domains, making a difference. I don’t think we always need to have control over everything. Often you are wrong, sometimes you get lost. It is important to know that every obstacle can become an opportunity … It is a journey of continuous new starts that helps selecting ways of doing, to specialize more and more and find one’s own originality, forging craft and art.
I feel very lucky to work in the entertainment field: many workers who work together to reach a common goal.

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