How to get rid of the annoying OSD into display

Say no to Osd (on-screen display)

I would like to propose this article as if it were an open letter: a message addressed to all those who install and buy monitors in a fair.

Please, do all you can to eliminate that horrible OSD that you see every time the movie starts.

example of annoying OSD

Call me a technical maniac, but I think quality and attention to detail are important. They are the foundations of what made Italian design and products famous throughout the world.

In all these years of set-ups I have really seen pretty heavy stuff. Monitor where you could read file names like: “film_for_the_fair_last_defdef_v5_compressed.mp4”.
Not to mention who, taken by a moment of desperate frustration, wrote imprecations in the name of the file (yes, it happened to me too).

This, like bad design, bad lighting, bad sound or simply poor communication, leads your client to a very simple subconscious conclusion: «I feel uncomfortable» or, even worse: «They do not earn my trust, these guys».
The goal of each display is to communicate, inform, entertain a human being. Why let the communication of your content to be interrupted by such a trivial matter?

The answer is probably «I do not know how to eliminate the overlay», but the solution is much simpler than you can imagine.

If you’re using professional digital signage monitors, such as the Samsung UE55D I use, just set the content in a digital signage layout. In any case, many professional monitors already have tools that allow you to achieve this result. List them all would be endless. Just a little commitment or a good technician will do.

If your monitor is connected to a PC, simply disable the OSDs from the software you are using to play the movie.
The final option, the fastest and most practical, is to rely on an external player. There are dozens of different, on the digital signage market, you are spoiled for choice.
I can offer you mine, which was born for video mapping, but it also does the airing on any display in seamless loop (it means that it can reproduce the content without interruption between the end and the beginning of the movie ).

It’s called KU and you can find information about it here:


I hope the article was useful to you! If so, share it with your colleagues and if you want to make a comment or ask me for a consultation do not hesitate to contact me!

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