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Stefano Milan

If I’m not mistaken, Marcello and I got in touch for a mapping of the LED scenes in Abu Dhabi. We are talking about 7/8 years ago, when there was still no talk of UV Map or automatic calibration of projectors. Through common acquaintances, we made the first phone call in Skype to share the project brief. I was looking for a Pandora operator, but we both found a lot more. The vast technical preparation in other sectors, the precision in the execution, the commitment to respect the “broadcasting at any cost” were the basis of a working relationship that still continues today. I’m really happy that Marcello is writing this blog: it’s a big responsibility to share your ideas and ways of working in a sector that is perhaps not ready yet. Marcello is an innovator in this too.

Marco Castellazzi

Marcello and I first met while he was working on his GrandMa1 Ultra-Light in Milan Gallery.
I was immediately struck by his person in terms of professionalism and desire to do well … then, when we ventured into the Pandoras world, all his creativity also emerged!

I recommend getting Marcello involved in a project as soon as possible: you will immediately realize the added value that he and his team will bring to any collaboration.
How I like to say “Don’t think too much about how much you spend, if you ask a professional, because you won’t know until the end how much it will cost you to choose any one” … have I made the idea?!?

Sara Caliumi

Marcello and I met in 2012, working together on a Projection Mapping project for an Ermanno Scervino fashion show at the Teatro Comunale in Bologna.
Marcello seemed super helpful and professional; he has a careful look, is always listening, has a great technical preparation in all phases of the work, both in the field of lights and video. He can be in charge of organizing and managing the technical design part and taking care of the installation of video projectors, Mediaserver, Warp, programming and airing.
He is a very responsible, reliable figure who works well in a team.
For my part, I find it very important to be able to collaborate with professionals who have great technical preparation and keep themselves updated. It’s equally important to know how to work in a team! The dialogue between creativity and technique is the basis for achieving a good result! I find that every person can make a difference. Having Marcello as a team mate makes me more serene: I know that, no matter what happens, I have a serious, capable person I can trust by my side. The synergy of points of view pushes horizons forward. Unions, divergences, perspectives, luminous dimensions, immersive spatiality, darkness; they are all part of the same archive of intents and lived experiences. In my opinion, a good professional, in addition to professional knowledge, should also train his ability to think, feel and get excited. The sensitive and listening man knows how to adapt and calibrate himself even in very dynamic domains, making a difference. I don’t think we always need to have control over everything. Often you are wrong, sometimes you get lost. It is important to know that every obstacle can become an opportunity … It is a journey of continuous new starts that helps selecting ways of doing, to specialize more and more and find one’s own originality, forging craft and art.
I feel very lucky to work in the entertainment field: many workers who work together to reach a common goal.

Roberto Costantino

In my role as Visual Designer, I got to know Marcello in 2012, during a fashion event in Bologna.

It was a projection mapping show, at the Teatro Comunale of Lineapelle, accompanied by a fashion show by Ermanno Scervino.

On that occasion, Marcello “warped” the projection with the media server Pandoras-box, aligning it with the geometry of the Comunale boxes.

Not a simple job, given the proximity of the projectors and the wide-angle lenses that reported significant distortions and aberrations.

Marcello in that occasion turned out to be precise, scrupulous and capable, conquering me for professionalism and commitment.

In my work in computer graphics, 3D, dynamics, color rendering and creativity are important factors for delivering the event and being surrounded by professional people means that all the pre-produced work is virtually exploited on the computer, finalizing at best what has been prepared.

Jacopo De Crescenzo

Our first meeting was in 2017 in Milan during the DigitalDesignDays event, on the occasion of the workshop held by Marcello on the subject of projection mapping. In the following months and years, with our study Aelion Project, we began to collaborate on projects related to the production of 3D holograms, up to the video mapping show at the Vinitaly and the City 2019 events.
I sure have always seen the very human sid, of Marcello. but also the seriousness he put in doing his job: always ready and sure, ability and competence are surely his strong point, combined with skills in various fields and sectors that embrace both projection mapping and digital signage. I can say that I am learning a lot from Marcello every time I have the opportunity and the pleasure of working with him.
I think Marcello Pontalto is one of the most competent and valid professionals I have ever known. I believe that relying on Marcello for the design, implementation and execution of a project means going without fail and success is certainly guaranteed. I’m learning a lot from Marcello. I can certainly say that the fame that preceded him when I met him was more than motivated. I had the pleasure of meeting him and I certainly consider him a very important partner for my company.
Marcello, you’re the top!

Claudio Cervelli

Among the many occasions when I met Marcello, I like to remember the making of a sound and light show for La Rua di Vicenza. On that night of programming, the Mac fell to the ground from the direction station that was placed inside a layer structure … seeing the panic in his face and the satisfaction with which he told us: “it still works” was priceless!
Incidentally, the show was a success!

Marcello is competent, never invasive but present.
Collaborative and never arrogant.

My advice for those who read these lines, as a professional or simply curious about the world of lighting design, is to never give up! We would do only a favor to those who work badly …

I like to think of a future where the “good light” is for everyone!